Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taken for Granted.


Pernahkah anda menyayangi someone, with all your heart?

Say you love someone, I bet.. u would be the "hero" for him or her. Kan?

U would be nice to him/her, like all the time. Day and night.
U would be there, if they need a shoulder to cry on.
U would still be happy to share the great news, even though u are the last person that he/she would call.
U would buy things for him/her, even though they just said "Canteknye baju tu, kan?"
U would always love, to surprise him/her. Even, sometimes he/she forgot your anniversary.
U would stay up, late at night, just to make sure, he/she is safely home. Oh, lupa nak mention, he/she went out with some dude/chick/friends.
U would always say you are ok, even though u are not.
U would always cancel your plan with your other friends, just to make sure that you could accompany him/her, just to buy their shampoo. ( or else )

And ultimately, u would still be there for him/her.. walaupun diorang tak mintak.. and walaupun dah berkali he/she broke your heart ...Kan?

Trust me.. U will end up, be taken for granted by him/her. Why? Because You Are Too Good To Be True. And they intend to forget to appreciate you, because u are always there for them. Seems not fair? Kan?

Yup. Sometimes.

Tapi.. Allah swt tu kan adil. You would say that you will always be the best for him or her. But trust me on this also, Allah swt would send someone else to be the best for you, without you even realize it. Sebab ape?

Sebab you also.. always take the someone else, for granted too. Sebab you are too busy being there for that someone who's taking you for granted right now.. Kan?

Susah kan nak paham? :)

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khaizarien said...

saya faham wak... yeah! agree with this :) sapu2 air mata :)