Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Small Session, on Adila's Big Day :)

Adila Lyana. ( the one wearing Red Shirt)

She was one of my Rackfast Sisters, and she got engaged on the same day with Ellisa.

I couldn't attend her engagement session, since it was held the same time as Ellisa.
Right after settling shooting at Ellisa's house, I straight went to her house at Bangsar Height, accompanied by my 3 other Rackfast sister, Zana,Myscha and Fiefie.

We did a little bit of photoshoot around Adila's house, since it was raining that evening. Really really enjoy the session, since they all are energetic and sporting, plus.. little adorable Adrien did interframe some of our shot. Haha. He was super cute ok!

So, to my dearest Adila Lyana...
Maafkan akak sbb tak dapat attend di saat cincin disarungkan ke jari manis mu...

But, I hope our small session can make ur day more meaningful...
I know I do.. ;)

Happy engagement day Sayang...
Congrats to both of u.. Adila and Hairme..;)

U guys look lovely together.. ;)

Fana a.k.a Farsha

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