Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chocolate Hunting :D

Asalamualaikum and hye..

Where should we go, if we want to find some good and tasty chocolate?

KLIA, of course. :D

Mission accomplished. We spent almost RM 5**.00 just to get our favourite chocolate. Giler lah!

But, the mission was not only about chocolate, it was about Me, spending some quality time with my Beloved Kioshii, and also my three siblings, Dyana, Ryehanna and Aniq.

It's never enough with them. :)

Love you guys. Sampai bila-bila.

ps : 1st time pergi KLIA, tanpa menghantar sape2 ke luar negara. Ihiks.

Fana a.k.a Farsha


noor afzan said...

huiyooo..coklat pe yang dicari tuh..
meh share sikit..

shaff said...

nice blog. keep them coming .. :-)

nooRjan said...

lovely pics...ada crita!!!