Friday, January 29, 2010

.They made me think, that it was nothing.

I cried a lot today.
Menangis kerana bende yang perlu, dan juge benda yg tak perlu.
Buat keje pon nangis,

Ngadap monitor pon nangis,
Cakap tepon dengan Suessy pon nangis,
Cakap tepon dengan Kakak tu pon nangis,
Cakap tepon dengan Kioshii pon nangis,
Apatah lagi, bila saya cakap dengan famili... saya nangis, senangis-nangisnya.

All the negative things are in my mind, saya tak mampu tahan lagi.
But... after the super long long long cry,
After I had a lot of talks with my beloved ones..
After dinner session with siblings and Kak Dayah..
After talking to Mr Kioshii..
And after the positive input session by Abah n Mak..

They made me think that...
It was nothing, and I can do better than that.
More important, I CAN BE BETTER.

So..bersabar lah myself, everything will be ok. Insyallah.
Please, no more crying, no more sobbing..

Just be positive, as u have always been.

Fana a.k.a Farsha

1 comment:

suessy said...

nothing supercedes you.
'cept HIM. of course.