Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy New Year ! :D

Asalamualaikum, and hai to terasa lame tak update blog ni..
Sori sangat, sbb sejak December until present, have been busy with something.
I just got back from Riyadh today, went there for about one week..
It was a good and great experience..

Pape pon, ari ni tak sempat nk update lagi..
Nnt ek, nk letak gamba banyak2 nnt.. ehehe..

Share with you, a picture i took during my trip to Riyadh :

The building was called, Kingdom Tower.. sangat unik bangunan dia. 1 thing i do about Riyadh, their architecture.. sangat cantik!

Later, will update laghi dengan gamba2 k? and also my nite out with angels, just before midnite :D

Tunggggggggggggguuuuuu... :D


- Fana a.k.a Farsha


Eilea said...

wow...pakai ape tu...hiihih...comel la...:P

noorafzan said...

gi riyadh..
patut la x gi majlis zainun..(*_*)