Monday, November 10, 2008

G.I.R.L.S Fun Day!

( Rai, Dyana, Me and Mom )

Yesterday, went shopping with my Mom, Sisters ( Dyana and Rai )..
As a conclusion, we went to Semua House, Alinas, SSF Deco Mart and some stores which sells woman's clothing..
The objective of the day, to went out and look around for my sis's engagement 'hantaran'..
Well, instead of 'surveying', we all end up buying.. ;P ngiaahahaha...

My mom bought a lot of stuff at SSF deco mart, most of them is for the hantaran..
Meanwhile, I bought a blouse which look like a baju kurung.. hehe..
And plus, buy a 'jubah' as my preparation for January..
Preparation for what? Wait n See.. ;D

We all had fun yesterday.. the great thing to watch is, Dyana's face.. She looked worried and exhausted.. maybe she was thinking about the budget for her engagement day.. well, if u want to get married, u need a lot of money.. rite? :D

Ps : Hey! I've got another henna today! yeay! it look much better than the previous one which I had from the pasar malam..:P

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